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  • Skills_Marketing3

    Appropriate & Co-ordinated Marketing

    It’s ALL marketing. Advertising, print, brochures, corporate identity, websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, online content, blogging, radio, etc. We believe that each may have its place depending on the goal – we’ll use only the appropriate medium for the job. And because we are a multi-disciplined company, we ensure that all marketing is co-ordinated across all media – that every message is communicated consistently.

  • Skills_Strategy_Planning2

    Strategy & Planning

    Sounds a bit dull, but it isn’t. This is the start of everything, the start of the journey. This is where we determine how we’re going to work together and what we’re going to achieve. This is where we pool our experiences and knowledge and start to come up with ideas. This is actually where the really exciting stuff begins.

  • Skills_Content2

    Social Media

    We create and manage social media content and ensure that it co-ordinates with and drives all other marketing activity. We also make it reflect your company’s personality and message. If you’ve got something to say, make sure you say it well. We will help you build relationships with customer interaction; increase awareness of your brand, communicate your ‘personality'; build your reputation online and develop your website’s SEO.

  • Beyond Advertising


    Press, TV, radio, outdoor, online – we have a lot of experience in them all, and the ability to plan and execute effective campaigns – and our media buying partners are the largest in the UK. Online advertising is a great way of efficiently targeting a very specific market – contact us to discuss.

  • Skills_Design2

    Everything By Design

    Design permeates everything we do – we design brand identities and brochures; we design TV and press ads; we design marketing strategies and social media campaigns. But in everything we design, we believe in the simplicity and focus of the message. We believe in finding that one simple truth and telling that truth well. That’s where the brilliance lies.

  • Skill_Website_AvCar2

    Website Development

    From clean and simple brochure sites (like this one) to complicated, data-driven, interactive sites with interesting blogs and clever APIs – all with usability and effectiveness in mind. You need an optimised website – make it a good one.

  • Beyond Video

    Video – It’s Everywhere!

    Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second-most popular search engine? Video is a powerful and compelling medium – and much more achievable than you may initially think. Adding video to your website as an alternative to reams of copy and people are immediately engaged.

  • 3d Vector illustration of shopping chart icon


    We don’t build e-commerce websites – it’s not what we do. But we can introduce you to a great firm who do, and then we can help with the marketing and design. They use industry-leading software to take your shop online. Now you can sell to the world – think of the possibilities!

  • Skills_3D_AvCar2

    3D Modelling

    We’ve created 3D models for retail locations, building interiors, site fly-throughs – even animated kitchen furniture. Combine with your website, TV ad and YouTube, and you start to see the opportunities come to life.

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There is no better example of what we excel at than the work we do with AvailableCar.com. TAKE A LOOK.


  • Do_Online_AvCarNEW

    Managing Clients’ Online Presence & Reputation

    It’s not just their website, but many other aspects of the online world which we keep on top of. Each has its place, depending on what needs to be achieved. We need to ensure our client’s website is the best it can be – and way ahead of the competition. But that’s only part of the story. There’s the rest of their presence online which needs managing, too…

  • Do_Retail_KH

    Understanding Retail

    The marketing of German kitchens is a complex procedure. Creating successful retail environments, advertising messages and online strategies can only be done by truly understanding customer desires and concerns, and inspiring those customers.

  • Do_Beyond_Targeting

    Beyond Targeting

    We deliver targeted digital TV ads to the very specific 2,650 people in the West Midlands who we know are very likely to buy a 4×4 vehicle this autumn. We deliver relevant messages about family cars on Facebook to 96,300 females who we know are ‘family focused’ within 25km of our client’s stores. That’s the level of targeting we can go to. We use different media appropriate to the audience and the budget – and the growth of digital and social media has opened up a larger world of affordable opportunities.

  • Do_Relevant_Halifax

    Relevant Solutions

    A credit card can mean different things to different people at different times of the year. January is the time where people are receiving large credit card bills and are looking to book summer holiday – an ideal time to offer 0% on balance transfers, perhaps? Communicating opportunities in relevant ways can significantly increase customer uptake.

  • Do_Brand_Bentley

    Brand Repositioning

    Not so long ago, Bentley Motor Cars had the image of a ‘Gentleman’s club’, associated with leather armchairs, cigar smoke, stuffy traditionalism and gross opulence. How did we help shift this brand image to one of ‘Successful Exuberance’? Contact us to find out more.

  • Do_Customers_Wimpey

    Understanging Our Customers – And Our Customers’ Customers

    This major national house-builder builds homes for first-time buyers, professional urbanites, down-sizing empty-nesters and for every demographic in between. Our advantage is that we can understand these demographics and what motivates them, while upholding the values of the parent brand.

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