• Lego_Featured

    ‘Back To Basics’ Lego Ads Build On Nostalgia

    No words, just minimal shapes and primary colours show how clever art direction can strip ideas down their bare essentials to great effect. Absolutely beautiful-looking ads, but are grandparents really the ones who are going to buy Lego and create their own Isambard Kingdom Brunel?

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  • Apple_Earphones

    Apple’s Unheralded Design Genius

    I bet you never knew there was anything ‘unheralded’ about Apple design! Of course there are lots of reasons why Apple have become so successful, and you’ll get a different view depending on who you ask; stylish iMac design, the iPod, great usability, iPhone, the mouse, over-priced products, unethical employment practices in the far east (oops!), fantastic operating systems, etc. But I credit something else…

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  • NYCfromabove

    New York City From 7,500ft Looks So Stunning

    Photographer Vincent Laforet found himself dangling out of a helicopter 7,500ft above the Big Apple, armed with a couple of cameras and a dash of courage. The images he captured are beautiful, striking and so incredibly detailed. Take a look...

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